3 Nutritional Strategies for the Holidays

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The holidays are here which means many things, most of which are positive.  It can also mean more stress and less outdoor light.  This often leads to less movement and poorer eating habits. 

For my holiday gift to you, I’ve come up with 3 strategies that can help you be more successful this year:

1.   Drink 8-16 ounces of water 10-15 minutes before you eat.  It’s pretty simple…it will satiate you and thus you are likely to consume less food.  It also will not impact your digestion and may even improve it.

2.   Eat before you go to the holiday parties.  That’s correct, I said eat before you go.  Here’s my theory.  The party starts at 7 and it’s a half an hour away.  So you have some water at 5:45. You eat something at 6.  You leave at 6:45 because you most likely don’t want to be the first one there J  You get there at 7:15.  You talk, chat, interact, mingle for 15 minutes minimum before checking out the spread.  By now, it’s 7:30.  If you had not eaten before you left, chances are your last meal was lunch around noon.  You’d be starving and hungry/hangry!  Instead, you are in charge of your decisions versus your hormones and famished body.  Now you may enjoy the food instead of pulling up a chair to the buffet as if it were your dinner table.

3.   Read my blog on sleep.

That’s it!  With this simple plan of attack, you are on your way to a successful holiday season! 

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