3 Ways to Improve your Sleep

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3 Ways to Improve Your Sleep

It’s my belief at this point in my career that sleep is where it all happens… no matter what your goal is.  Improving your sleep will not only improve your health, it will improve your life.  It’s where the body can return to homeostasis.  It’s where recovery happens.  Muscle is gained.  Fat is lost.  Peace is found.  Without quality sleep, it’s my belief that it will be extremely challenging to reach any of your physical goals and sustain them.

Here are 3 suggestions to improving your sleep and thus improving your health and life:

  1. Prepare for Sleep – All of you prepare for things in your life… especially things that you love and have passion for…some examples perhaps….. camping, hiking, training, participation in sporting tournaments, work presentations, anything to do with your children, etc.  I believe you have to prepare for your sleep the same way.  Start at least 30 minutes before you get in to bed with no more electronics; cooling down your room, making it as dark as possible (Yes, I wear an eye mask to sleep in), little to no mental stimulation (including reading).
  1. Gratitude – After you get in to bed, say and/or write down ONE thing you were grateful for during the day.  You will be approaching sleep with a positive and relaxed mindset.
  1. Nasal breathing – For up to ONE minute while lying in bed, keep your lips sealed, teeth apart, tongue on the roof of your mouth and breath slowly and as quietly as you are capable through your nose.

I have been a Physical Goal and Wellness Coach since 2006.  Please feel free to comment on any blog.  The best way to contact me is trainwithjeff@gmail.com 

Thank you for your support.  Jeff 

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