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“No Should’ing and No Fixing”

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A while back, someone asked me about the tagline I’ve been using, which is “No Should’ing and No Fixing”.  You would be correct, should’ing is not a word.  I usually get giggles, big laughter, blank stares and the rare “thank you” when I share this with others.  This tagline surfaced about a year ago and comes from many teachers/mentors/friends who have had an impact on me.

So I’ve been sitting on this blog for a little over a month… resistant to send it for some reason.  Who knows.  The should’ing was first introduced to me during therapy/counseling sessions.  I had no idea how often I used that word in my vocabulary.   Holy shit!!! Lucky for me, I was working with a great therapist.  Yes, he’s on the distribution list for this blog, so hopefully he reads this one hahaha.

As I became aware of how much I used the word and how it felt when someone used it in context with me, I decided to make it part of my journey not to “should” on anyone ever again, including the kids.  We used to make a game of it in the car… I would ask them to come up with scenarios where they thought they had to use the word “should”.  Each and every time, I was able to give them at least one response to their “should” statement.  I enjoyed it and hopefully down the road, the game pays off with them.

A few years ago, I had this aha moment that feels like it’s connected to the should’ing revelation.  I was using the words “corrective, correcting and fixing” a lot in my practice.  I mean that’s what I do right… is correct and fix?  Corrective exercises are a big deal in the fitness industry and there is lots of fixing on the massage tables.  Being that I do both, it was a double whammy for me.  I realized I was implying to other humans that something was wrong; thus something need to be fixed.

I’ll never forget the first day I walked in to therapy and he asked me why I was here (this was 2006 by the way), and my response was “I’m broken and need fixing”.  He smiled, kind of shitty grin like he did many times in our sessions and replied, “You aren’t broken and there’s nothing to fix.”  I had no clue what he meant at the time.  I spent 6 years learning from him.   Anyway, back to the fixing…. I decided that I was implying to everyone I came in contact with that they too were broken and needed fixing.  I know I didn’t like how that felt, so I have worked hard not to use the words “correcting, corrective or fixing” in my practice since about 2014 I believe.

So, that’s how I came to use “No Should’ing and No Fixing” as the tagline for Jones Integrated Wellness.  First and foremost, the intention is to create an environment where everyone feels “safe” to be themselves.  Then the other modalities from massage, to ELDOA, to training, to food, to sleep, to breath, come in to play depending on the human and their goal.

Thanks for taking time out of your schedule to read this.  If you think this might benefit someone, please feel free to share it with them.

Be well and be content.  Jeff                                                                                                                                                                                                              720.480.4979

Improving Your Balance

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Continuing from last month’s blog, Balance is important.  You balance on every step you take, every day of your life.  Let that sink in !

I created a fun progression of a single leg dead lift (SLDL) for you to practice anywhere.  They are numbered 1 thru 5 and I highly encourage you to go in order ! They are all less than a minute.

I did NOT go in order years ago when I first started practicing this movement and guess what… about 6 months ago I went back and started from the beginning !  I move so much better with these movements and feel so much stronger !

SLDL1 from Jones Integrated Wellness on Vimeo.

SLDL2 from Jones Integrated Wellness on Vimeo.

SLDL3 from Jones Integrated Wellness on Vimeo.

SLDL4 from Jones Integrated Wellness on Vimeo.

SLDL5 from Jones Integrated Wellness on Vimeo.

If any of these are challenging for you and/or you want to know more about integrating them in to your training program, please call me at 720.480.4979 to schedule your complimentary consultation.

Working on Balance

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So last month, I wrote about Balance vs. Equality.  If you want to read it or review it, click here.

This month and next month, I want to actually give you a few movements that you may practice and play with on your own to improve your balance.  I even made videos !  Why is balance so important?  Well I’m not getting any younger and neither are you !  We physically balance every day of our lives.  Walking is balancing as you move/ambulate from one foot to the other.  If you slow down nearly every action you do, you are balancing at some point during it, even if it’s only for a second.

So I thought it would be fun to share a 1 MINUTE video I made demonstrating a few ways to stand up and sit down without using your hands.  I probably had even more fun with my friend Barry as he taught me how to “spice” up the video ! 🙂  See if you can come up with your own ways!  There are no right or wrong answers.  I’d enjoy seeing anything you create!

3 Benefits from any of these movements:

  1. More strength
  2. More mobility
  3. More stability
  4. BONUS…. less fear of falling down.  (Why?  Because your body and brain now know it’s possible to get up)
  5. BONUS BONUS….LIVE LONGER!  One study showed being able to do this may indeed increase your life span !

Here’s the video:

Stand Sit NO HANDS from Jones Integrated Wellness on Vimeo.

Thanks for watching.  Please share this with anyone you think might enjoy, benefit and have fun with these movements.

If these are challenging for you and/or you want to know more about working with Jones Integrated Wellness, please call me at 720.480.4979 to schedule a complimentary consultation.

Balance and Equality

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Balance and Equality

I’ll admit it…. I used to believe these two words meant the same thing.  Now I have a different perspective and I wish to share that with you.

To me, Equality is linear.  Balance is multi-dimensional.

Here are a few examples of equality:

  • 1 pound of fat equals 1 pound of muscle because a pound = a pound
  • 9×4 = 12×3
  • The price you pay for eggs at the store is equality in the sense that everyone that walks in to the store has the same opportunity to buy those eggs at the price they are being sold.

To me, balance is constantly changing and evolving for each of us depending on the moment.  Here are a few examples:

  • One of my goals is to do complete a pistol squat on each leg. Thus, my time in the gym is spent getting me towards this goal because it’s something I want.  Thus, my training is balanced or not balanced depending on how you wish to see it.  It’s not balanced in the sense that I’m not focused on strengthening my upper body, only maintaining what I have.  It is balanced in the sense that my training is moving me towards my goal.
  • My perception is people use vacations to balance out their life. They’ve been working hard towards a project, goal, etc. and they take a vacation to work less hard, reduce stress, sleep more, recharge, etc.  Many people use the weekend as a mini vacation to do just that.  So the balance might be working 60 or 70 hours a week until the project is finished and then working 0 hours for a week to bring balance back to their lives to they may move on to the next project.
  • Nutrition and balance are always changing and evolving together. In the 10+ years I ‘ve been doing this job, my nutrition has constantly changed seeking to find a balance that works for me.  For example, when I first started this profession, I was all about low-carb, high protein and sugar is the enemy.  Now I’m at a point where depending on how one defines sugar, sugar is not the enemy for most, including myself.  Who knows where I’ll be with this a year from now 🙂

We all have the equal opportunity to strive towards our own balance.  If you don’t feel like you have an equal chance to reach your goals, call me, I will even the playing field.  Have an amazing New Year!  Jeff

3 Strategies for a Healthier 2016

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  1. Start NOW.  What the hell are you waiting for?  What’s so magical about a Friday that is about 43,200 minutes away?  How do you know you are going to be alive by then?
  1. Set yourself up for SUCCESS.  Set one daily wellness goal, one weekly wellness goal and one monthly wellness goal.  Write them down.  I have those huge post it notes with mine on my bedroom wall 🙂  Check them off when you accomplish them.  Don’t punish yourself if you don’t accomplish them.  Keep them on the list and do it the next day/week/month.  It feels so good to check something off a list!
  1. Go SLOW.  Do things that are sustainable.  For instance, if you figure out you are only drinking around 50 ounces of water a day, don’t try to get to 120 ounces a day within a week.  Add 10% weekly (5 ounces in this example) and see what you notice.  Then adjust from there based on what you are able to sustain daily.

Improving your health can be both sustainable and enjoyable.  Start TODAY!

3 Nutritional Strategies for the Holidays

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The holidays are here which means many things, most of which are positive.  It can also mean more stress and less outdoor light.  This often leads to less movement and poorer eating habits. 

For my holiday gift to you, I’ve come up with 3 strategies that can help you be more successful this year:

1.   Drink 8-16 ounces of water 10-15 minutes before you eat.  It’s pretty simple…it will satiate you and thus you are likely to consume less food.  It also will not impact your digestion and may even improve it.

2.   Eat before you go to the holiday parties.  That’s correct, I said eat before you go.  Here’s my theory.  The party starts at 7 and it’s a half an hour away.  So you have some water at 5:45. You eat something at 6.  You leave at 6:45 because you most likely don’t want to be the first one there J  You get there at 7:15.  You talk, chat, interact, mingle for 15 minutes minimum before checking out the spread.  By now, it’s 7:30.  If you had not eaten before you left, chances are your last meal was lunch around noon.  You’d be starving and hungry/hangry!  Instead, you are in charge of your decisions versus your hormones and famished body.  Now you may enjoy the food instead of pulling up a chair to the buffet as if it were your dinner table.

3.   Read my blog on sleep.

That’s it!  With this simple plan of attack, you are on your way to a successful holiday season! 

3 Ways to Add Energy to Your Day

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Let’s keep this short and sweet and to the point…..


1.  Read my blog on sleep.

2.  Add more water to your daily routine.   

Yup, I hear ya… “how much more?”.  The answer is “I don’t know”.  My suggestion is first figure out how much water you typically consume over a few days.  Now you have a baseline.  From that number, then add 8 ounces a day for a week or so and see how that feels.  If you like it, which I believe you will, then continue to add.  Yes, there is such a thing is too much water.  Maybe shoot for 60% of your body weight in ounces.  So if you weigh 100lbs, your daily goal would be at least 60 ounces (60% of 100) not taking in to account all the moving and sweating you do.  One fun fact that I learned last week and maybe you didn’t know…. The nucleus or center portion of each disc in your spine contains up to 88% water when the disc is healthy.

3.  Pain Management.

People don’t realize how much energy it takes to manage pain on a daily basis.  Ever wonder why things almost always hurt more in the evening?  You are out of energy to manage the pain most likely.  We all have pain….be it physical, emotional and perceptional.  Take care of you to reduce your pain just a little… preferably WITHOUT NSAIDS.  Here are a few suggestions:

  • Massage
  • Chiropractic
  • Acupuncture
  • Physical Therapy
  • Trainer/Coach
  • Slow easy movement with your own body (body flow, walking, Tai chi, etc)
  • Research on ginger, curcumin/tumeric, bromelain and magnesium
  • My blog on sleep
  • Hot tub
  • Naps
  • More water (See #2 above)
  • Rest at least 2 days from your training
Thank you for reading this.  Please share if you think this will bring value to a friend and/or loved one.
I have a MeetUp group twice a month on Saturday mornings.
If you are ready to improve your health and movement, which includes reducing your pain, call me to schedule an appointment and let’s do this together now.  720.480.4979


It’s all about Me

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It’s All About Me

“It’s All About Me”.  This is a phrase you hear people joke about and perhaps say often… followed by “I’m only kidding”.  In fact, you probably have said yourself 😉

This blog is about why I believe it’s a very healthy phrase, in the proper context.

I’ve done some dating in the past few years.  One common phrase I hear often is, “My kids always come first” or some version of that.  In fact, I used to say that myself.  I still believe it to be true at appropriate times.

It doesn’t matter whether you have kids or not.  How are you going to love, support, care for, and be there for the people in your life that you truly care about, if you don’t care for yourself FIRST?  This can mean things like making one small nutritional change and letting it be for 90 days; managing stress better and more consistently; getting an extra hour of sleep instead of training; saying NO to that late night of drinking so you are able to recover better and faster from training; changing your definition of training and movement which includes how LONG you do it; or setting yourself up for small successes/wins with your daily, weekly and monthly goals. 

If you do have kids, how are your kids going to one day learn to put themselves first, at the appropriate time, if you don’t model it for them now?

My belief is you have to take care of you first in order to support the ones you love.   So go ahead, I give you permission to tell everyone “It’s all about me”… because, it truly is.

3 Ways to Improve your Sleep

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3 Ways to Improve Your Sleep

It’s my belief at this point in my career that sleep is where it all happens… no matter what your goal is.  Improving your sleep will not only improve your health, it will improve your life.  It’s where the body can return to homeostasis.  It’s where recovery happens.  Muscle is gained.  Fat is lost.  Peace is found.  Without quality sleep, it’s my belief that it will be extremely challenging to reach any of your physical goals and sustain them.

Here are 3 suggestions to improving your sleep and thus improving your health and life:

  1. Prepare for Sleep – All of you prepare for things in your life… especially things that you love and have passion for…some examples perhaps….. camping, hiking, training, participation in sporting tournaments, work presentations, anything to do with your children, etc.  I believe you have to prepare for your sleep the same way.  Start at least 30 minutes before you get in to bed with no more electronics; cooling down your room, making it as dark as possible (Yes, I wear an eye mask to sleep in), little to no mental stimulation (including reading).
  1. Gratitude – After you get in to bed, say and/or write down ONE thing you were grateful for during the day.  You will be approaching sleep with a positive and relaxed mindset.
  1. Nasal breathing – For up to ONE minute while lying in bed, keep your lips sealed, teeth apart, tongue on the roof of your mouth and breath slowly and as quietly as you are capable through your nose.

I have been a Physical Goal and Wellness Coach since 2006.  Please feel free to comment on any blog.  The best way to contact me is 

Thank you for your support.  Jeff 


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