Balance and Equality

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Balance and Equality

I’ll admit it…. I used to believe these two words meant the same thing.  Now I have a different perspective and I wish to share that with you.

To me, Equality is linear.  Balance is multi-dimensional.

Here are a few examples of equality:

  • 1 pound of fat equals 1 pound of muscle because a pound = a pound
  • 9×4 = 12×3
  • The price you pay for eggs at the store is equality in the sense that everyone that walks in to the store has the same opportunity to buy those eggs at the price they are being sold.

To me, balance is constantly changing and evolving for each of us depending on the moment.  Here are a few examples:

  • One of my goals is to do complete a pistol squat on each leg. Thus, my time in the gym is spent getting me towards this goal because it’s something I want.  Thus, my training is balanced or not balanced depending on how you wish to see it.  It’s not balanced in the sense that I’m not focused on strengthening my upper body, only maintaining what I have.  It is balanced in the sense that my training is moving me towards my goal.
  • My perception is people use vacations to balance out their life. They’ve been working hard towards a project, goal, etc. and they take a vacation to work less hard, reduce stress, sleep more, recharge, etc.  Many people use the weekend as a mini vacation to do just that.  So the balance might be working 60 or 70 hours a week until the project is finished and then working 0 hours for a week to bring balance back to their lives to they may move on to the next project.
  • Nutrition and balance are always changing and evolving together. In the 10+ years I ‘ve been doing this job, my nutrition has constantly changed seeking to find a balance that works for me.  For example, when I first started this profession, I was all about low-carb, high protein and sugar is the enemy.  Now I’m at a point where depending on how one defines sugar, sugar is not the enemy for most, including myself.  Who knows where I’ll be with this a year from now 🙂

We all have the equal opportunity to strive towards our own balance.  If you don’t feel like you have an equal chance to reach your goals, call me, I will even the playing field.  Have an amazing New Year!  Jeff

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