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I got to write another article.  This one was for a women’s self-defense magazine called Mindset Self-Defense.  The article is on what being a movement specialist means to me and how I use primal move to help support others in moving better.  It’s on page 22-23.

Setting Goals

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Here’s an article I wrote for the Finding Hope Community Organization.  What a great honor and privilege to be asked to write something for them.  It’s also on their website if you are a member of their community.


The Art of Setting Goals by Jeff Jones

It appears to me that somewhere along this journey, goal setting became stressful, hard work, judgmental and no fun.  The irony being that many goals that are set by people often involve reducing stress in their lives.  

I look at goals as fun, easy and always evolving/changing.  For example, say I set a goal on January 1st like many folks do.  It’s a goal for something I think I want to do down the road.  So then aren’t I allowed in February or March to alter that goal if something in my life has changed or if my journey has changed?  I’ll give you a personal example… last October I set a goal for myself to get a certain strength certification.. level 2 of it actually.  It’s now January and I decided that it was more important for my business in the long run to get my massage license.  I haven’t written off my strength certification, however, I have changed it’s priority in my life at this moment.  When I finish massage school in June, my priorities might change again and thus, I will most likely adjust my list of goals.  What I won’t do is call myself a failure because of something I said last October now knowing what was ahead of me.  Here’s my approach on setting goals:

  1. Set yourself up for a “win” with your goal.  Who cares what others think as it’s YOUR goal for YOU.
  2. Be gentle and kind with yourself.
  3. Give yourself permission to change your goal (s) or re-prioritize them.
  4. “Failures are success” in my world.  So if you are going to label it as a failure, take a moment and learn from it and perhaps come up with your next goal differently.
  5. Baby steps.  Instead of setting one BIG goal, set shorter or smaller goals and perhaps that will lead you to the end goal you had in mind.

I’ve been a movement specialist/trainer since January 2006 and this is what pays the bills.  I’m a single parent and that’s my job.  I believe in supporting people, not helping them.  If you’d like to know more about my credentials, my website is

Maybe they just aren’t ready?

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I’m in one of those ebb and flows where life’s lessons are showing up everywhere and I’m understanding them.  It’s cool and a little scary.  What I’m sharing today I believe applies to life.  I’ve been seeing it in my business as a trainer/movement specialist and that’s what triggered me to write this.

For my short career as a trainer (almost 9 years), I’ve found myself wanting things for my clients usually more than they wanted them.  Maybe some of you can relate.  The same can be said for me as a parent.  I cared so much I believed I could  will them in to doing something without actually telling them.  What a delusion that was.  It’s only been recently….in the last 3 or 4 months, where I’ve finally started to figure out that it might be as simple as “they just aren’t ready”.  By figuring that out, it means I also had to face another reality….I’m truly powerless when it comes making people change.  This includes my kiddos.  The best I can do for anyone is accept them right where they are in that moment and give them the support they want and need.  It’s funny….as I’ve taken on this practice in the past few months, people in my life are starting to be ready for things.  Who knows….maybe it was a reflection I was seeing and it’s me that is truly ready or maybe a little of both?

The next time you find yourself in a situation where you are trying to will or force something to happen…even within yourself and even out of the goodness of your heart, maybe stop, take a silent breath or two and don’t assume the person doesn’t want to or can’t do it…… Maybe it’s as simple as they just aren’t ready?


Life’s Lessons – #1

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My first blog for the website, woohoo!  

My son taught me a valuable lesson this past week and I wanted to pass it on to any of you who might be interested.  He’s 10 and his sister is 13.  There have been times where she bullies him and other times where she purposely instigates/antagonizes him as well.  He’s no saint.  He does the same to her.  This is part of being a kid and learning to deal with others.  Usually, he’s the one looking for comfort though being younger.  In the past, when he’s shared that his sister is annoying him, hurting his feelings, etc. and he’s seeking some comfort,  I have said to him in some version or form “you just need to ignore her…..” and something about she’s trying to get this reaction out of you for her, not you.  Anyway, this time, when he was sharing, after he was finished, it all of a sudden occurred to me, “I’ve been ignoring him by telling him to ignore her!!!”  Instead of just listening and being present and let him share his feelings/emotions, I’ve been “solving” it for him and thus ignoring him…. in my opinion at least.  Very cool lesson indeed.

Be well, be safe and until next time.  Jeff


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