What’s Integrated Wellness?

Integrated Wellness always comes back to the person and their goals. Wellness is a lifestyle and integrating your lifestyle into the goals you want to pursue. Integrated Wellness is a process, not a quick fix. You need to be ready and willing to work for your wellness.

You can train someone seven days a week for an hour, but that’s still less than five percent of their entire week. Wellness is different for everyone. For some people, wellness is getting off a medication. For others, sleeping better, experiencing less pain, having less chatter in their mind, or even achieving personal fitness goals.

The Four Pillars of Integrated Wellness

There are four pillars that form the foundation for Integrated Wellness for Life.

Integrated Wellness with Jeff Jones - Intention01 // Intention

Intention is a motive and a plan for change. Intention is a two-way street: people have an intention to see different results and I have an intention of supporting them in their journey. There’s no should-ing on you or fixing you, simply meeting you where you are and supporting you in your next step.

Integrated Wellness with Jeff Jones - Restoring Balance02 // Restoring Balance

Restoring balance isn’t about fixing what’s wrong; it’s about raising awareness of your body. Balance is always changing; balance is not about equality. What type of balance would be best for your body in this moment? If you’re in a busier-than-usual season or time of your life, we can design the balance to support your wellness in that moment. Restoring balance is about making intentional decisions that fit your desired lifestyle.

IWFL - Icons_Nourishment03 // Nourishment

Nourishment is more than food. Your mind needs nourishment, like using meditation to reduce stress. Your soul needs nourishment, like emotionally healthy conversations or simply standing up for yourself. Your body needs nourishment through movement, sleep, nutrition, and recovery. Your wellness journey is about finding what nourishes every part of your being.

Integrated Wellness with Jeff Jones - Athleticism04 // Athleticism

Everyone is an athlete, no matter your age or exercise capabilities. Athleticism is about movement and listening to how your body moves through your everyday life. Athleticism explores and strengthens your body’s response to different movements. The intention is to move with your body instead of against it.


Integrated Wellness - Intention




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