It’s all about Me

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It’s All About Me

“It’s All About Me”.  This is a phrase you hear people joke about and perhaps say often… followed by “I’m only kidding”.  In fact, you probably have said yourself 😉

This blog is about why I believe it’s a very healthy phrase, in the proper context.

I’ve done some dating in the past few years.  One common phrase I hear often is, “My kids always come first” or some version of that.  In fact, I used to say that myself.  I still believe it to be true at appropriate times.

It doesn’t matter whether you have kids or not.  How are you going to love, support, care for, and be there for the people in your life that you truly care about, if you don’t care for yourself FIRST?  This can mean things like making one small nutritional change and letting it be for 90 days; managing stress better and more consistently; getting an extra hour of sleep instead of training; saying NO to that late night of drinking so you are able to recover better and faster from training; changing your definition of training and movement which includes how LONG you do it; or setting yourself up for small successes/wins with your daily, weekly and monthly goals. 

If you do have kids, how are your kids going to one day learn to put themselves first, at the appropriate time, if you don’t model it for them now?

My belief is you have to take care of you first in order to support the ones you love.   So go ahead, I give you permission to tell everyone “It’s all about me”… because, it truly is.

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