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Are you ready to get started on your wellness journey?

Every journey begins with a single step. I will serve as your guide along the way as you integrate wellness into every element of your life. Here’s what you need to know to get started with Integrated Wellness for Life!

What am I offering you?

  • A playful holistic approach to improved health and well-being through hard work, movement, posture, recovery, strength, breath, nutritional guidance, improved quality of sleep, thai yoga massage, soft tissue work, cupping and ELDOA.

What I will provide in the partnership we design and create:

  • Safety – Your long-term health is not worth making unnecessary or unsafe risks today. I provide over a decade of fitness, nutritional, and wellness expertise to ensure your safety.
  • Support – My commitment is to meet you where you’re at on your wellness journey.
  • Presence – My intention is for us to be fully present in each aspect of your wellness pursuit.
  • Professional Guidance/Suggestions – 10 years of experience in Integrated Wellness
  • Programming – A personalized plan aimed at moving you towards your goal(s)
  • Technique – teaching and using low risk/high reward with movements
  • Complimentary Initial Session – The opportunity to test things out before we agree to work together

What are my expectations of you?

  • Commitment – this means not only a certain amount of hours per week, per month and per year, it also means slow and small changes in lifestyle
  • To have a voice, be heard, and be a part of your journey
  • Curiosity and a willingness to explore new and different approaches
  • Partnership (WE)
  • Plateaus – We will have “good,” “bad,”  and “don’t want to” days that we will need to persevere through together.
  • At the same time, I do expect you to show up, even on the days when you aren’t at your “best”.
  • Take ownership for your own health and wellness.

Cost (click here to download the pricing pdf. file)

Deep tissue, medical, sports, ELDOA, Thai Yoga Massage, manual therapy, strength training, posture restoration, improved balance and movement, awareness, mindfullness, Wellness Planning/Coaching/Teaching:

  • $60 for 45-minute time slot (30 minutes of work)
  • $120 for 75-minute time slot (60 minutes of work)
  • $150 for a 90-minute time slot (75 minutes of work)
  • $180 for 105-minute time slot (90 minutes of work)


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